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K-pop. Kimchi. The world’s biggest Lego tower. Korea has a lot to be proud of. Though South Korea’s biggest claim to fame is, arguably, their heavy influence on the global beauty industry. You might not realise it, but we’re willing to bet many of the products in your everyday beauty routine have stemmed from the Korean beauty culture.

‘Alphabet creams’ (BB Cream being the most well know, but there are also CC and DD creams), skin whitening and brightening, sheet masks, facial serums and essences, cushion foundations, primers — all of these beauty staples originated in Korea before being picked up by the Western world.

Why is Korea at the forefront of beauty? Because they place a huge emphasis on flawless skin. Korean culture has always focused on beauty throughout history and as a result, the nation has fine-tuned the world’s best beauty products that contain cutting edge technology.

Better yet, we know it’s well researched. The Korean beauty industry and brands like TouchInSOL spend stacks of cash on state-of-the-art research and development to discover the next methods, ingredients and applications that are going to better our complexions. And women thank them for it.

All you have to do is take a look at the average Korean woman’s beauty regime to see how seriously they take good skin. Typically it’ll have anywhere between nine to 12 steps! These include makeup removal, cleansing, exfoliation, a refresher, an essence, the use of an ampoule, a sheet mask, then eye cream, followed by a moisturiser or night cream.

While that many products may seem excessive (and perhaps they have to get started on it at 7pm), Korean women swear by this night-time ritual to wake with glowing, flawless skin. While it’s not quite as labour intensive in the West, many Aussie women have adopted some or parts of a traditional Korean routine.

In addition to skincare, Korea is well known for creating many of the complexion perfectors that we can’t live without today, including BB creams, CC creams and cushion foundations. The fusion of high performance pigments with skincare in a makeup product results in flawless looking skin that is being treated all while the makeup is worn. Makeup isn’t just makeup when Korea is concerned — it’s another opportunity to correct skin concerns.

Not one to underachieve, Korean beauty also boasts amazing colour cosmetics. Brows are flawless thanks to gel liners and pencils, eyeliners in an array of shades stays where it’s meant to, and skin is perfectly illuminated with high-tech highlighters. Mascara makes lashes longer and darker and more dramatic, and lips are perfectly defined with tints, lip lacquers or crayons — another Korean invention.

As trends continue to develop and speed up, beauty brands from around to world will continue to look to Korea brands like TouchInSOL for the next big things in beauty. And a little fun fact — South Korea boasts the world’s biggest IKEA. They really do have it all.